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8 Innovative Moves to Revamp Your Warmup

By Cody Carter Published on Monday, July 21, 2014

Warming up is about more than just touching your toes or jumping around for a few moments. It’s an integral and necessary part of any practice, game, or training session. The key to a great warmup is a combination of Movement Preparation and Pillar Preparation movements.

Movement Preparation is all about increasing your body’s core temperature, lengthening, strengthening, and stabilizing your muscles, and priming your nervous system for activity, while Pillar Preparation focuses on strengthening your pillar – your hips, torso, and shoulders and the foundation of all movement – and protects your body from injury.

Add the eight movements below into your warmup routine to boost your performance.

1. Plank with Arm Lift
Do 2 sets of 6-10 on each side.warm-up_cards_plank

2. Glute Bridge – 1 Leg
Do 2 sets of 8 on each side.strength-power_cards_glutebridge

3. Pillar Skip
Do 2-3 sets of 10 yards. Try to complete 10 Pillar Skips on each leg in the 10 yards.warm-up_cards_pillar

4. Carioca
Do 2-3 sets of 20 yards.warm-up_cards_carioca

5. Lateral Lunge
Do 1 set of 6 on each side.warm-up_cards_lateral

6. Knee Hug
Do 1 set of 6 on each side.warm-up_cards_kneehug

7. Reverse Lunge – Elbow to Instep with Rotation
Do 1 set of 3 on each side.warm-up_cards_reverse

8. 2 Inch Run to 10-Yard Sprint
Do 2 sets of 4 seconds.warm-up_cards_2inchruns

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Cody Carter Cody has spent the last 10 years coaching athletes at the youth, high school, competitive, collegiate and professional levels. During that time he has learned from and developed close relationships with some of the best performance specialists in the world. Growing up, he played football, basketball and ran track. He didn't specialize in one sport until college, where he chose to run track as a sprinter and high hurdler for Iowa State University. He has spent his entire performance coaching career in Southern California where he is now a Manager for the EXOS Performance Innovation Team. Now based at SKLZ Headquarters, directly above the EXOS San Diego facility, Cody is able to jump in for the occasional hands-on athlete training session. View all posts by

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