Share: The World’s Best Soccer Players Train with SKLZ

The World’s Best Soccer Players Train with SKLZ

Published on Monday, June 9, 2014

  • Neymar digs deep with an Agility Cone drill

  • Fred, striker for the Brazilian National Team weaves through the Agility Poles during a difficult sand training session

  • Bernard of the Brazilian National Team practices speed and agility in the sand during a pre-World Cup workout

  • The Mexican National Team warms up with SKLZ Mini Bands

  • Members of the Brazilian National Team utilize speed hurdles to improve their lower body power

  • Neymar works in the sand alongside Agility Poles

  • @nikesoccer

    A member of the U.S. Men's National Team uses a Recoil 360 to stretch against his movement to build strength

  • Brazil fitness coach Paulo Paixão uses Agility Poles in his team circuits

  • Brazilian Men's National Team members jump out of the sand to improve overall muscle strength and develop explosive leg drive

  • SKLZ Agility Poles, Neymar approved

  • A few Brazilian Men's National Team members line up to start a Speed Hurdle drill

  • Fitness coach Paulo Paixão includes Speed Hurdle workouts during practice to increase agility and quick footwork

While prepping for the World’s biggest sporting event, the Brazilian, U.S. and Mexican National Teams were all spotted training with SKLZ performance tools. See them in action, then win your own set of tools for a world-class workout.


Leave a comment: how would you use these tools to get after it this summer?

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