By Cody Carter Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When it comes to movements like pushups and planks, it’s easy to think about your hands and arms doing all the work, but it’s actually your shoulders carrying the weight. Part of your pillar — made of your hips, torso, and shoulders — your shoulders are essential to movement efficiency and performance. Without a strong pillar, your body wastes energy that you’re producing from the ground up and is more likely to sustain an injury, especially to your shoulders. At EXOS, we include movements to strengthen the pillar in all workouts, whether working with pros or everyday people. While there are a variety of ways to protect your shoulders, one way is to add stability to the joints by involving the hips and torso. Here are four movements to protect your shoulders using the SKLZ Mobility Bar. Add these moves to your warmup before practice or competition.

Overhead Squat

This movement will engage your pillar while challenging your strength. Drill-1_mobility-bar



Inverted Hamstring w/ Core Assist

A common warmup movement with an added challenge to engage the upper body.drill-2_mobility-bar

North/South Pull Apart – Low Split Stance

This movement will challenge lower-body stability and isometric strength while moving the shoulders through a wide range of motion.drill-3_mobility-bar

Shoulder Abduction
Activate important muscles that support the shoulder and work on mobility in the shoulder joints with this movement.drill-4_mobility-bar


Cody Carter Cody has spent the last 10 years coaching athletes at the youth, high school, competitive, collegiate and professional levels. During that time he has learned from and developed close relationships with some of the best performance specialists in the world. Growing up, he played football, basketball and ran track. He didn't specialize in one sport until college, where he chose to run track as a sprinter and high hurdler for Iowa State University. He has spent his entire performance coaching career in Southern California where he is now a Manager for the EXOS Performance Innovation Team. Now based at SKLZ Headquarters, directly above the EXOS San Diego facility, Cody is able to jump in for the occasional hands-on athlete training session. View all posts by

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