By Jamie Lynn Davis Published on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Working with a variety of clients, we often see different challenges based on environment. One of those challenges is the dress code within corporations. The dressier workwear means that employees don’t want to get down on the floor to stretch. To combat this problem, the EXOS performance innovation team presented the idea for the Trigger Strap to SKLZ. After two years of extensive product testing, the product was ready to go. Grab your Trigger Strap and use the five movements below — a sequence we commonly refer to as “around the world” — to ease aches and pains, regardless of your environment. These movements can be done standing or seated.


  1. Pec
    Hold the strap with one hand, and extend the other arm to your side to form a T. Now move your hand to the midline of your body while keeping your arm straight. Return to the starting position.TriggerStrap_Action1
  2. Upper Trap
    Keep the strap in the same hand as the previous movement. With the contact point on your upper trap, turn and look toward the same shoulder (to get the lengthening effect).TriggerStrap_Action5
  3. Levator
    Move the contact point to the base of your spine, and turn away from it. Reach the other arm overhead.
  4. Rhomboid
    Move the contact point just to the side of your spine/midback, and reach up and away (midshoulder blade).
  5. Rotator Cuff

Move the contact point behind your shoulder. With your elbow forming a 90-degree angle and your fingers pointed up, move your elbow from the midline of your body out to the side. Keeping the same contact point, move the elbow in front of your body and move your elbow up and down (it will naturally fall into a lateral position).TriggerStrap_Action2


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